Competition Stick-Fighting

When Stick-fighting means Business


Train in the fighting system of Filipino Martial Arts: Weapon training in edged weapons

Get In Fighting shape with Brazilian With Exercise

Capoeira the fighting art of Brazil is a unique Martial art since it deals with music

Kids are taught directly by Profesora Framboesa

Savate "The Noble art of French Foot Fighting"

Train in this unique form of Fighting from the French . This has been the number one deterrent to bullying since the 1800s

Kenpo Teaches Self Confidence

Teaching confidence At all levels

Building true martial skills

Passing of The Traditions of True martial Arts


Training to respect

Stick-fighting Ground Zero of Texas

Zuavos Capoeira Batizado…

  The new Capoeiras of Zuavos Capoeira did wonderful in their first exam and for those that trained and went up a cord. did excellent. The young capoeira have done excellent with the martial art of Brazil. they enjoy the training and it shows. We had an old student return to continue the path of capoeira Mojo who will be starting a class in Arlington in the next few months....

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Walk like a BANDOGGE and not a SHIHTZU” Book release

  Martial arts is an indispensable skill for both the old and young, but in the world today, core martial arts values have been swept under the carpet. The majority of the instructors today are out to make quick money, quick to give 'ranks' to the feeble. Students 'graduate' daily, yet only a few can defend themselves during a confrontation. It may seem as though all is lost, but ‘Walk like a BANDOGGE and not a Shihtzu’ addresses all you need to know about the various types of martial arts, whether Savate, Escrima, Silat, Capoeira , Kenpo, Kickboxing, etc. [video

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