Gentleman’s Stick-fighting Coalition

The Gentleman’s Stick-fighting Coalition is a sporting entity that was started by the following Instructors of various martial arts that deal with weapons. :

Ron Saturno, Paul-Raymond Buitron III,  Micheal Blea, Roger Agabulos, Larry Ordonio, Eric BuenaFlor, Carlito Bonjoc, and Jeffry Finder .

After two years of discussing the rules and modifying rules from Largo Mano ,, Fencing and La Canne as well as Savate and Boxing. The rules were adapted and we were all in agreement with a type of equality that benefits all styles.


4th Texas Stickfighting Championships

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3rd Texas Stickfighting Championships


2nd Texas Stickfighting Championships


1st Texas Stickfighting Championships

It had its First Texas Stick-Fighting Championships in May 2016 in Laredo Texas.



Videos of 1st Texas Championships: