GLOVES OFF with Professeur Buitron

GLOVES OFF with Professeur Buitrón is a funny, edgy, and fast-paced pod-cast; sometimes done alone and sometimes with guests. Professeur Buitron will explain current issues, concerns and reasons of the today’s society as seen within the eyes of a pugilist.

Remember there are no stupid questions, concerns or comments especially since we can make fun of them on air.


1st show: With Sergio Mora Producer of about the show

2nd show: With World Champion Orlando Canizales

3rd show: With Grand Master Yuli Romo Escrima

4th Show: With Attorney Ken Goldberg 

5th Show: with Richard Rosas Little League League

6th Show: with Knife maker John Fitzen

7th Show: with City Councilman Alex perez

8th show: With Guro Tim McFatridge JKD

9th show: With Frank Bustos Fathers Rights

10th Show: Wth Jesse Murieta Executive Protection

11th Show: With Guro Mike Blackgrave SEAMOK tactics

12th show: With Professor manual Lozano – Mexican Martial Artts

13th show: With Aide-Moniteur Patrick Gavin

14th show: With PendenKar William Sanders – Silat

15th show: With Ted Fogg

16th show: With Guro Carlito Bonjoc

17th show: With Chano Andrete and Mercurio Martinez

18th show: With Maha Guru Stevan Plick : Sera Silat

19th show: With Attorney Javier Montemayor

20th show: With Serrada Master Jeff Finder

21st show: With Chris Parkinson

22nd show: With Boxer/Coach Cobra

23rd show: With City CouncilWomen Nelly Vielma

24thshow: With Boxer Mandy Fuentes

25thshow: With Professeur Richard Sylla

26h show: With Mestre Chicote

27th show: With Deputy Constable

28th show: With Webb County Tax Assessor Patricia Barrera

29th show: With Webb County Court #2 Candidate Melissa Joy Hinojosa 

30th show: With  State Representative Richard Raymond


31st show: With  State Danny Valdez

32nd show: With  Gat Puno Abon “Garimot” Baet

33th show: With with Brett Gould , Jen Loh , Marco Gutierrez

34th show: With with Professeur Robert Paturel

35th show: With with Grandmaster Sam Buot

36th show: With with Professora Elena Garay

37th show: With with Gerado Carmona

38th show: With with Master Emilio Lebarcon and Grand Master Bram Frank

39th show: With with City Council Candidate Annette Bonugli

40th show: With with Professeur Buitron explaining Fighting

41st show: With with Candidate Cindy Liendo

42nd show: With with Bret Gould (Concealed Carry and Selfdefense)

43rd show: With with Yoga Coach Debbie Barnett

44th show: With with Grandmaster Ramiro Estalilla

44th show: With with Webb County District Clerk Esther Degollado

45th show: With with Candidate for Webb County Judge Patricia Barrera