Adult Programs

At Buitron Academy it is the place that is the ultimate way to get and stay fit while building confidence, developing self-discipline, honing athletic skills in a professional environment.

Our Martial Arts  and Sel Defense Adult Programs consist on five primary areas of focus:


We will help you structure your very own fitness regimen that is efficient, effective and comfortable. Our curriculum provides for an unlimited array of energizing a total workout with a variety of class times to suit your needs, and fit into your schedule.


Our martial arts training programs are designed to provide adults with a comprehensive fitness solution. Unlike most gym workouts, which focus on either cardiovascular OR strength training, our workouts are designed to condition your whole body with one class.

Weight Control

Another popular benefit to our exciting and challenging workouts is their effectiveness in maintaining a healthy weight. Students at Buitron Academy experience positive changes in their body from the very start of their training. The pace of classes helps elevate the heart rate, allowing students to increase cardiovascular health while burning calories at a rapid pace. In addition, the increase in lean muscle mass that results from the total body nature of our workouts, results in students experiencing an increase in their metabolic rate. Our burn more calories 24 hours a day, 7 days per week!

Confidence and Well-Being

Confidence is a benefit that many adults want for their children, but rarely expect to receive from their own training. Yet, as adult students increase in skill and understanding, they frequently admit to a growing sense of confidence and peace. This welcome and unexpected benefit results from a deepening appreciation a lifestyle of quiet confidence, poise, and fulfillment. Students who live this report reduced stress and greater success and happiness, both at work and home. This grounded feeling is a result of facing and overcoming obstacles and challenges on a regular basis.


One of the most obvious advantages of martial arts training at Buitron Academy we specialize in the development of self-defense skills, and ultimately, peace of mind. Our curriculum is comprised of real world proven techniques from several styles such as Savate Danse De Rue, Capoeria, Escrima, Silat and Kenpo. Which are powerful, direct and successful each as taught in there own trajectory and never mixed mashed together. We feel that the most effective self-defense techniques taught are awareness and good judgment. Students, while capable of dealing with an assault, are less likely to NEED to deal with one because of their training.