Martial arts is an indispensable skill for both the old and young, but in the world today, core martial arts values have been swept under the carpet. The majority of the instructors today are out to make quick money, quick to give ‘ranks’ to the feeble. Students ‘graduate’ daily, yet only a few can defend themselves during a confrontation. It may seem as though all is lost, but ‘Walk like a BANDOGGE and not a Shihtzu’ addresses all you need to know about the various types of martial arts, whether Savate, Escrima, Silat, Capoeira , Kenpo, Kickboxing, etc.

Whether you are thinking of the right school to learn the arts (as a student) or looking forward to establishing your martial arts school (as an instructor), this book is an indispensable go-to guide for martial arts students and instructors alike.

Professeur Paul-Raymond Buitron III is a seasoned instructor, a pioneer of French Martial Arts in the USA and in other countries, the “Father of American Savate” as he is called. Over the years, he has spent quality time in different continents where he trained and cross-trained under the supervision of world-renowned instructors. A seasoned instructor for over 2 decades, Professeur Paul-Raymond Buitron III has trained great fighters who are better equipped with that which is hardly taught in the martial arts schools nowadays. His students have won regional, state, national and international titles in the world of Martial Arts.

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