Buitron Academy is NOT  your typical Martial Arts School, it has been on the same address for over 20 years and is the founding school of Danse De Rue Savate system. It is a Fact that this family has been involved in martial skills and keeping alive the Basque art of Zipota and its traditions for well over four generations here in Texas. Zipota is the foundation art of the system of Danse De Rue Savate.

Buitron Academy was started By Dr. Paul  Buitrón a  Silver Glove 2nd and Professeur of Savate and his late brother Maitre Isidro Chapa the last true instructor of the Basque martial art of Zipota.

Buitron Academy is a Martial Arts school that is the first school of Savate in the United States. It has been located on the same street, 220 Hillside Rd, Laredo Texas  since 1989. There have been clubs of Savate yet an official school recognized by the French Federation of Savate as well as the International Federations of savate; never since this date. It is also the first school of Capoeira in Texas,  First school of KENPO In Laredo Texas; but it should not be the motive that you consider for YOUR schooling.

Rather consider that the Instructors are the best in the industry. They not only have the ability to educate and empower their students at any age level or martial arts background. One needs to understand that Buitron Academy’s roots go back to the founding school of Savate in 1803, with a direct lineage to Maitre Micheal Casseux founder of Savate. As well as being heavily rooted in lineage to the Hawaiian Kempo traditions under the late Sifu Keith See (1st Generation Parker Black Belt, 1st Generation Kajukenbo Black Belt). Within Capoeira  a direct line to the school of Mestre Bimba {creator of Capoeira Regional }, through the watchful eyes of Mestre Acordeon. With in the realm of Silat to the founding Family members who brought Silat to the United States the de Thouars, now guided by Uncle Bill de Thouars. In Escrima under the tutelage of Grandmasters: Ron Saturno, Vincent Cabalas, Carlito Bonjoc, Alfredo Bandalan, Art Gonzalez and Ramiro Estallila Jr..

Today Buitron Academy is operated by his son and Professeur Paul-Raymond Buitrón III who became the first American to achieve the Silver Glove in France as well as the first American to become a Professeur of all of its disciplines in France. Though his expertise is mainly in Savate/Zipota he has studied many other arts, including: Akijuitsu, Kempo, Tai Chi, Hsing-i,  Shaolin Kung Fu, Boxing, Capoeira and Silat. Under the Direction of Professeur Buitron, the Academy has produced 20 of the past 23 Champions of Savate in the United States. It  produced 16 Golden Glove Champions out of 19 competitors to enter the Golden Gloves, as well as the first girl to win the Golden Gloves from Laredo.

Buitron Academy is the Catalyst of Savate Danse De Rue (sm) with in the United States and abroad. It is known by many names-Buitron Savate Boxing Club , Danse De Rue Foundation, The International Guild of Danse De Rue Savate, INC & The Academy of French Martial Arts but it is the same altogether and is the Headquarters for both the International Guild of Danse De Rue Savate, Inc. and for USA SAVATE.

Buitron Academy has received the award for the best Boxing Club of 2001 from USA Boxing. The Academy has received
Appreciation awards for helping St. Jude’s Children Hospital and Laredo Lupus Foundation. Buitron Academy has received awards from the International Federation of Savate for being the first school in the United States as well as to pass Savate as a legal sport under the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations in 1992 and an award for helping promote the 1st US NATIONALS in 2001 as well as received the Best Savate Club award by USA SAVATE for 2001 and 2002 season. It is a full member salle under the International Guild of Danse De Rue Savate.