Professeur Paul-Raymond Buitron III


Born in Laredo, Texas, has dedicated the last 42 years training, teaching, researching and preserving Zipota and Savate. He was started zipota at age 6, and once on that course he never left it.

The name Popeye as he was so named by his Uncle and Teacher for 23 years because of the way was built, He was skinny, quick, and agile with oversized forearms and calves as well as laughing all the time and had a way in movement along with a spirited personality that made him a natural.

In 1986 he began training with Sifu Keith See in Kenpo and was his student for 21 years.

He is a Formed Professeur under Three Great Professeurs of Savate: Robert Paturel, Jean-Paul Vivivani and Roger Lafond.

In 1994 they founded the International Guild of Danse De Rue Savate, INC. From 1992 to 1994 Buitron was a contender to the Super-middle weight Championship of the World of Savate, retiring due to a hand injury on his corner would have been Professeurs Paturel and Dakhlaoui.

The Guild as it is known Worldwide is the first organization to recognize and attempt to preserve the traditional forms Savate and its disciplines. Until then, Savate was considered or known as Savate: Boxe Francaise which has eliminated much of its roots of the fighting spirit and its traditions which insure respect in its totality.

With the Guilds efforts, the teachings of the old maitres of Savate and Zipota were revived. Students are taught its true history, its movements and tradition. No new assumptions or creations of make belief surround his teachings.

Professeur Buitron has researched every dimension of Savate, from its origins in Europe, through its Revolution, as well as the hard work of Maitre Charelmont with in Boxe Francaise and Maitre Lafond with in Savate. He has researched, interviewed many of the old Professeurs to accurately understand and document the events leading up to the present. He is now a leading expert, not just on Savate, but of Zipota and the American Western pugilistic History.

Today, his time as the Technical Director of the International Guild of Danse De Rue Savate is dedicated in establishing the art of Savate Danse De Rue (sm),  that is influenced by Hawaiian Kenpo and based in the same core-styles as Savate: Boxe Francaise and its predecessors (Boxe Francaise and Savate) centered on Zipota. He is often called on to consult with scholars, students and law enforcement groups on Danse De Rue Savate.

Buitron can not keep up with the ever-growing requests for seminars; he encourages those who wish to learn to come to the headquarters to train. He has also traveled to other groups who practice savate without a Professeur to guide them within the art, Professeur Buitron just provides them with support and encouragement for training.

Buitron states “It is not the style, it’s the man behind it, a man with good basics is a hard man to beat”.

  1. Professeur Buitron became the first American to achieve the prestigious Silver Glove of Savate in France.

  2. He also achieved the Professeurate of Savate, Canne et Baton, Lutte Parissienne and Panache.
  3. In 1992 Professeur Buitron was given the highest medals of the French Federation of Savate the Bronze Medals for his work in Boxe Francaise and Canne de Combat in France, for becoming the first non-French to teach and operate a club of Savate in France ( Club Chaudron-ASPTT).
  4. Also, in 1992 he was awarded by the French Ministry of Children: the Medal of Good Hope for his work in aiding the children of Paris.
  5. Professeur Buitron became an Official Delegate of the International Federation of Savate in 1992.
  6. On March of 1992 the Texas Association of Savate was formed and passed onto the Educational Department of Texas by Buitron,
  7. 1994 by the efforts of Buitron, it was also passed as a legal combative sport by the Department of Licensing and Regulations.
  8. In 1993 he was given the highest award given to a Savateur, the Gold Medal of Savate by the International Federation of Savate for his work in Savate around the World.
  9. In 1994 along with Maitre’s Isidro Chapa, Jean-Paul Viviani, Sifu Keith See, Robert Paturel and Professeurs Paul R. Buitron MD, Michel Gilbert, Andre Germe, Roger Lafond, Pierre Change and Dominique Dakhlaoui revived the old traditions of Savate, which were being decimated by the sport of Boxe Francaise- French Federation of Savate. In 1994 he revived the old guild renaming it the International Guild of Danse De Rue Savate™.
  10. On December of 1997 he founded the Non-profit organization responsible for governing the sports of Savate in America, USA SAVATE/ Boxe Francaise & Canne de Combat , INC.
  11. Professeur Paul-Raymond Buitron III was the Vice-President of USA SAVATE from 1998 to 2000.
  12. Professeur Paul-Raymond Buitron III was President of USA SAVATE 2001 to 2003
  13. Professeur Paul-Raymond Buitron III was elected as USA Savate: Executive Commissioner 2003 to 2004
  14. On December 8th 2001 Professeur Paul-Raymond Buitron III, was given by the International Federation of Savate a recognition for his work of Savate within the United States and organizing the 1st US Nationals for USA
  15. On March 16th 2002 he was recognized by the Belgium Federation of Savate for spreading good international relations between the two countries.
  16. On June 21st 2002, he was presented by the Veterans’ Hall of Fame and Military Museum Chartered#01267115, recognition as a Life Time Member Award for his work with the Youth.
  17. Became Executive director of USA SAVATE in 2006 to the present.
  18. Became the Southern Director to WEKAF of the Untied States. The federation of Filipino sports
  19. On December 2015 was awarded the Berimbaus de Oro , in Salvador Brazil
  20. Founder of The Gentlemans Stickfighting Coalition