Rules of the Academy

Rules of Buitron Academy


Intended as a general guideline. A student should endeavor to behave in accordance with good manners, common decency and common sense. Every student is subject to the schools rules and regulations. Non-compliance will result in the following:

  • Warning
  • Suspension

Parents understand that our Classes are divided into the following ages groups For many reasons:

Kids :

Group A (ages 3 to5)

Group B (ages 6 to10)

Teens: 11 to 14

Adults: 15 above

We have General Classes which are available as well. Which can consist of a group of different age’s levels. Which is taught periodically.


  1. A student’s main objective is to better themselves:  mentally and physically through the study of martial arts of: Savate Danse De Rue, Kempo, Eskrima or Capoeira.
  2. No student, instructor or parent is allowed to force or use issues of racism, sexism, religious, anger or hate towards any other student, instructor or parent as a means to discriminate or cause ill will.
  3. Use of illegal drugs or medications will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Any student, regardless of rank, found abusing these substances would be given the choice of seeking professional help or expulsion from the school.
  4. Any student or parent coming to the school under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs will be asked to leave and a decision will be made as to whether that person will be expelled on a permanent basis.
  5. No Student or Instructor is allowed to teach any part of the curriculum inside or outside of the school to anyone without my written permission in writing under the direction of the International Guild of Danse De Rue Savate, Zuavos capoeira or Pare Bat Kenpo. You are liable for any injuries resulting from ignoring this rule and this school will not be held responsible for said actions. Ignoring this rule will result in disciplinary action by the school.
  6. Profanity, loss of temper, horseplay, loud laughing and talking, or any display of lack of self discipline will not be tolerated.
  7. Turn away from the instructor when tying your fixing your uniform.
  8. Neither the school nor any individual will be responsible for any items left at the school.
  9.  No food or drinks will be allowed in the training area. ABSOLUTELY NO SMOKING INSIDE THE BUILDING.
  10. Parents or guardians should be on time to pick up their children. Children under 12 are not allowed outside the school before or after classes unless a parent or guardian is present. Children ages 6 to 17 are expected to maintain at least a “B” average in school. Failure to do so may result in probation until the average is brought back up. A copy of grades should be provided each time the school issues them.
  11. No talking while class is in session. Talking is permitted only if a student has a question or a problem.
  12. Students must bring proper uniform to class as well as equipment. If not the student may be asked to leave and train another day
  13. Students or parents should tell the instructor of any physical problems or if the child is sick.
  14. Martial skills are not to be used for hurting anyone, but can be used in life and death situations.
  15. Respect your instructor and never betray instructor’s trust.
  16. Students must be helpful to the community.
  17. A person causing damage to Buitron Academy property shall be liable for repair or replacement.
  18. When tickets for fundraising events are given the Parents of members or Adult Members are responsible for the sale of the tickets given.
  19. Adult students have to train in three mandatory seminars per season.
  20. Students must have Professeur Buitrón’s written approval to represent the school in a martial arts championship or tournament.
  21. If a student is taking other martial art styles or systems with an unaffiliated school that student will loose their training privileges and forfeit any tuition paid.
  22. When talking to instructors, Professeur or “Sir/Ma’am.”
  23. Students must present themselves ready for a demonstration is a demonstration arises. Certain Classes will be set in order to accomplish the Demonstration goals.
  24. Every member must be registered on the Buitron Academy Facebook page to see for news, announcements or class cancellations.
  25. A minimum of 4 students Makes a Class 3 or Less the class will be cancelled.
  26. Class Schedule is subject to change due to the circumstances.
  27. No video taping or recording whatsoever of Demonstrations, Tests, Seminars, Tournaments or any Event in which Buitron Academy or its members are recorded without the written Permission of Professeur Buitrón. Those who do without having written consent will be expelled from the Academy.
  28. All students must become members of the International Guild of Danse de Rue Savate it is the governing body of the said institute as well as USA SAVATE. If the member is studying any other style they have to become members of that governing body as well.
  29. If a student is not is in arrears in any of his association dues. That student will loose training privileges until membership dues are current
  30. If anyone submits a video recording onto any media including Youtube, Facebook or any other social networks without written Permission from Professeur Buitron will be expelled.
  31. If you are fraternizing with a member in the Academy, both members will be expelled.

This philosophy encourages students to become honorable human beings with perfect character and physical condition.


  1. Attire is the following for each Class: Black Academy Shirt.

Savate Danse De Rue: Savate uniform which has to be purchases within 60 days prior to the first exam.

Capoeira: a Black Buitron Academy T-Shirt and Baggy White or abadas.

Kempo: a Black Gi

  1. Arrive to class with comfortable wrestling or boxing shoes. (For Capoeira: you can train barefoot if you prefer)
  2. Uniforms should fit well and be clean and free of tears or holes. All patches or logos must be present on the uniform.

Martial Arts Class Etiquette

  • Arrive to class a minimum of 10 minutes early if you can.
  • If you are late more that 10 minutes late do not come to class!
  • Make it to class regularly.
  • If you are injured, the instructor may be able to give you other workout activities so that you may still participate.
  • Always salute to any and all Instructors and (Savate DDR) silver gloves when you see them for the first time each day.
  • Class begins when the instructor asks the students to line up. Students will line up according to rank. The highest-ranking student will take the farthest right position in the first line. The remaining students will line up to his/her left in descending rank.
  • Classes begin and end with the same format.
  • If an instructor is teaching other than Professeur Buitron, all of the respect needs to be forwarded to that instructor. If a students leaves during class that students will be expelled from the Academy

Conduct Towards Others

Always meet and greet your fellow teammates with a smile.

Always conduct yourself with the highest levels of courtesy, integrity, and self-control.

Always pay attention in class. It is considered impolite to talk to another student when the instructor or a teammate is talking.

Whenever an instructor or another teammate assists you during class, be sure to thank them.

If you are asked to help demonstrate a technique or to receive something from an instructor, salute the instructor when you get to the front of the class and again when you are finished.

When you are training with a partner, always show respect. Treat them as you would like to be treated.

Finally, just remember that the teaching, and not the exams, that inspire the student to learn and progress.

Conduct towards Other Martial Arts Schools and Students: You are a representative of Buitron Academy; all of its students, history, philosophies, and its instructors are seen through you. When speaking with other Martial Artists from other schools and styles, always treat them with the same respect that you would give to a teammate. On a regular basis, there will be guest speakers and demonstrators. Guests are to be treated with the highest levels of courtesy and respect. Be sure to go out of your way to make them feel welcome.

Please check with your instructor before you visit another school. They may be able to offer you some tips about the etiquette of their style.

When visiting another school, be sure to salute when you enter and leave, show the instructor and all students’ proper courtesy and respect, and conduct yourself with the highest levels of integrity.

In the unlikely event that you encounter an unfavorable situation with another Martial Artist in another school or on the street, continue to conduct yourself with courtesy and integrity. Do what you have to do and inform your instructor of the situation.

You should NEVER challenge or accept a challenge from another person.

Any conduct unbecoming of a Buitron Academy student might result in suspension and/or dismissal.

You will find that true Martial Artists love to talk with one another and share experiences and ideas. Buitron Academy encourages you to expand your horizons through conversation with other Martial Arts students.


Promotional Testing Etiquette

If a youth student is involved in another sport or activity. That student will not partake in an exam for six months.

If there is too many absences that student can either makeup the days with privates or extra seminars before testing.

  • As you move up through the ranks you will be tested on your abilities. Test are administered through the Testing Committee and done outside of the regular class schedule.
  • All students and family members or friends should attend every The Passage de grades. Students who are not testing should attend in street clothes to support their teammates.
  • Your uniform should be clean and pressed.
  • Arrive to the test at least 30 minutes before time. No formal warm-up will be conducted. It is up to you to warm-up and practice on your own.
  • All those testing should have all required pieces of equipment on and in good condition.
  • If your test fees and testing forms are not recorded 6 weeks before an examination for the promotion of Rank, you will not partake in the examination.
  • If your are told that you will take an examination for the promotion of rank and are habitual in excuses and you are consecutive in missing two examinations you will not be promoted for a period of 12 months..
  • If your equipment is not available, you may have to purchase another before you will be allowed to test.
  • When testing begins, all students are to line up and bow in just as they would for class time.
  • The Testing Committee may give a few words to the audience before testing commences.
  • After the Committee’s speech, all candidates will be asked to sit down in the back of the room.
  • When your name is called, stand up quickly and respond loudly to the Committee. They will show you where to stand for your test.
  • When you are in your spot, stand in attention position until you are told to start.
  • When asked a question, make sure that you respond politely and appropriately.
  • When you are finished, you will Salute and quickly and quietly go back to your place.
  • While you are in the back, you are to conduct yourself with highest levels of courtesy and respect for your teammates.
  • When others are testing, you should remain still and quiet.
  • Misconduct during a testing may result in immediate dismissal from the test, a reprimand from the Instructor, and/or a belt suspension.
  • One comment we sometimes hear is, “My child isn’t ready to take the test.” Consider for a moment how exams are scheduled in school. The math teacher doesn’t administer the exam when the students are ready. He would say instead that the exam will be given a week from Friday. Ready or not, each student will take the exam on the given day.
  • The information that we receive by watching the exams helps us to determine which areas need the most attention. When a student does well or poorly, we take that information back to develop new teaching plans to help aide the system.

SAFETY in Training

This is a common misconception with the following two words: Sparing and what in Savate is called Assaut.

Sparring: refers to those training for a competition.

  • Sparring is only allowed under the direct supervision of an instructor.
  • If engaging in sparring, students must wear proper safety equipment. This is where equipment such as: Headgear, Wraps, Groin Protector and mouthpiece are required.
  • Good quality sparring and safety gear must be worn at all times during sparring matches.
  • No one will be allowed to spar without proper safety equipment.
  • Inform the Instructor prior to class of any injury or condition which may limit or restrict your movement.
  • All injuries must be reported immediately to the Instructor.

Assaut: is a bout without power; here a zipotero trains in proper technique where no power is used. Those training in Danse De Rue Savate will experience this training method.

  • A student that I constantly trying to show off by striking another with force will be corrected, if it continues will be asked to stop or leave the academy. To return in well mannered disposition.



  • Stay hydrated. Bring a water bottle and replenish yourself whenever needed.
  • Keep bottles clear from the training environment.
  • Keep fingernails and toenails trimmed and clean.
  • Long hair should be tied back
  • Jewelry should be removed: Earring, nose rings, body piercings that can cause physical damage to you.
  • No chewing gum while training. It is hazardous — a fast or unexpected movement could induce choking.
  • Students must keep fingernails and toenails clipped and there is a strict “No Jewelry” policy.
  • Hair is to be worn so as not to impair vision
  • No visible offending Tattoos will be allowed to be shown


Competitors and Competition Team Rules

  • First you need to be a level of Blue Glove (for 18 and over) and Red Glove (for 17 and under) in order for me to consider training you for competition.
  • If you are under the age of 18 you need a written permission statement for your Parents or guardians, before you begin training for any competition.
  • If you wish to compete you need to train for a 6-week period for any bout.
  • You need to follow a strict diet in order to fall into a weight class that you will be strong in.
  • IF you miss two training sessions you will not compete in that bout or competition that you are training for.
  • IF you are going to compete you need to become a member of that governing body. Which should be Amateur, or else I will not train you.
  • If you to not compete because of a lame excuse: My Girlfriend or Football or Soccer Coach told me not to, find another School!

Children’s Home Rules

  • You must show respect to your parents and family members at all times.
  • Greet your parents when you enter the house and tell them good-bye when you leave.
  • You must be truthful at all times.
  • Try to help with the household chores.
  • Keep your room neat and clean.
  • Keep your body, hair and teeth clean at all times. (Everyday)
  • Study your school work at school and at home. Do your best to achieve and maintain a B average or above.

• Show respect to your teachers