Paul-Raymond Buitron is committed to helping our community through his passion for martial arts. He does a great job of it. He’s someone from whom I am confident you will learn much.”

Richard Pena Raymond

State Representative, District 42, Laredo

Paul, Please accept my sincere regards regarding your art, your family and my love for what you do so well. I am proud to let anyone know that attending your school or any event which you to will help anyone grow as a martial artist. Prof. Paul teaches martial arts at a college. He is the only Savate Instructor in the world promoted in the four a reas of Savate and by recognized Instructors of renown caliber! Good Luck Paul! My regards…

Grand Master Ron

Saturno Serrada Eskrima

I met Prof Paul Buitrion in 2015 and I found him to be a friendly , honest and top quality teacher in real fighting techniques for today . I would give a 100 percent recommendation to him as the leading Savate and capoira school in he USA . His school is also a top quality facility and you wont learn useless drills that wont help you in a self defense situation. 

Pendekar Sanders

It’s with great honor that I write this about my brother and Elder in the arts Professeur Paul-Raymond Buitron lll. Where to begin he wears a coat of many colors and passions a man who truly lives and lays his life and what he believes before you. And stands for the good of all. He has a heart for his community and is very involved in charities and helps the needy children in different ways. I say all this not to boast about the Professeur but to enlighten everyone about what true martial arts are really all about and that is family and protection of oneself and others and self development. Being a blessing to others and the community not a hand to do evil but to develop a hand of compassion and life. And Professeur Paul-Raymond Buitron lll in his love of the arts has traveled the world training and studing under some of the finest masters of our times. And is one of the only schools that brings in world renowned masters regularly to help in everyone’s martial education. I have learned by watching him thrue the things I’ve shared here and I’m honored to write this testimonial. I’ve been involved in the martial arts since 1986 on my journey. The Professeur is a great man of integrity and honor and is highly skilled and passes this on to his many fine students. Check him out the Buitron Academy is one of the finest martial educations available and the arts offered are deadly efficient.

Angelo Rosini

I first met Professor Buitron a few short years ago. He is a dynamic proponent of the arts which he teaches, and his commitment to the authenticity of his teaching is profound. His technical abilities reflect his personality – direct, powerful, precise – and backed by thorough knowledge of history and long experience. In a commercialized world, he is a keeper of the flame, ensuring generations of hard-won knowledge in the arts remains alive.

Master Jeff Finder

Serrada Escrima

Never so much and never so few for being less, was my joyous experience when I met the Professor in Laredo, our very first meeting went well to my best in liking. Pleasant amongst most, was the friendly humor he shared with my long time follower and myself. Afterwards I found out more about the man, himself, for being outgoing and mostly, with great life’s experiences. Professor Buitron is a simple man, quite stocky and built like a walking fortress. He is deepened in culture by nature in Savate and fully orientated in Capoeira. He plays the music as he does the art most skillful. Further to his accountability also well versed in Kempo and someone fierce to reckon with. In the art of Savate seasoned and well rounded as I got to know him, and after my first experience – I was fully impressed and happy to consider him an outstanding member, as a family, amongst the many in my circle.

Bapak Willem de Thouars.

Prof Buitron has the depth in the art of Savate that is world renowned. His love of the art and training rank him as a noteworthy expert in the traditions of the art and how in modern times it has become a fierce self defense method for kids, young adults, and in adults. Buitron Academy is a focal point of Laredo, Texas that is most visited by world renowned masters, professors, and grandmasters. A true professional admired by all practitioners of the martial arts.

Grandmaster Larry Ordonio