Youth Classes



Children are still in the growing stages of their lives so their classes differ from the adult curriculum. For example, some of their defense strikes are taught to be for their self-defense needs while still retaining their effectiveness. the building of their coordination, muscular structure is  highly respected and the teachings are geared for that.

We are aware that children have not developed effective control of their emotions and so our classes stress self-discipline. Especially, how important it is to not impose their knowledge on others in forms of bullying , and that honor is retained when you walk away rather than engage in a fight. As they mature the curriculum grows with them.

The classes that are taught for the following age groups:

5 to 7 Capoeira and kenpo

7 to 10 Savate, Capoeira and Kenpo

11 to 14 Savate, Capoeira and Kenpo


  • As children accomplish new goals, their confidence level increases.
  • They progress at their own pace and are not judged against others.
  • Martial Arts improves a child’s’ poise, self-confidence and discipline that carries into home and school life.
  • Children learn to be “street smart,” to think, and not panic in potentially serious situations and how to react to threats from other kids. Every Child Wins.
  • Martial Arts enables every child to be a winner by allowing them to reach for their own potential rather than trying to compete directly against their peers.

A Complete Activity

  • Martial Arts, unlike many team sports popular today, challenges the entire body.
  • Martial Arts training develops coordination and motor skills, balance, agility and poise on top of emphasizing good behavior and increasing attention span.


  • Martial Arts lessons are dynamic and challenging for children who are energetic, athletic, shy, bold, or maybe even a little wild.
  • Discipline and respect are taught by leadership and example –

Making Buitron Academy a positive character building environment for children of ages 3 and up.  iF this is want you as a parent wish to develpo in your child, then BUITRON ACADEMY is probably for your child.